Welcome to The Preppy Journal

Welcome to The Preppy Journal your online guide of the Preppy Lifestyle.

I know that you are asking yourself one very important question: Am I A Preppy ?

Are you Preppy ? /The Preppy Journal

Biff & Buffy

In answering this vital question, I must defer to Mr Tad Friend :

The real difference between preppies and Wasps is not couture but outlook. Preppies are infantile and optimistic, forever stuck at age seventeen; Wasps emerge from the womb wrinkly and cautious, already vice presidents, already fifty-two.

In the coming months The Preppy Journal will bring to you the world of Preppy as seen through our eyes and you might ask are we?

We are Preppy of course.

This is a magazine for Preppies, we will cover all aspects of the Preppy life, from cradle to grave and beyond

My Name is Bumby, and I will be your host as we journey through the world of Preppy. So, with a G&T in your hand sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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Always, Bumby



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